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The Custom Crating Experts

We have the expertise and experience to solve even the most difficult and challenging custom crating and packaging needs. From shock resistant crating for high tech products to moisture barrier crating and packaging systems for shipping valuable equipment, our staff has the knowledge and experience to meet your crating needs.

onsite packaging and custom crating service

Production Crating Services

We have the capabilities and expertise to support your production crating needs. Through our dependable just in time (JIT) production system, we’ll design and build your crates and store them in our facility. This will enable you to access your crates when you need them. Just call us a day or two ahead to schedule delivery. Dedicate more of your valuable floor space to your core business by letting Industrial Craters & Packers be your crating department.

onsite packaging and crating service


Portland Crating Services from
Industrial Craters & Packers

Industrial Craters & Packers is a leader in the design and production of top quality custom crates, specializing in industrial full service and onsite packaging and custom crating services for more than 38 years.

We’re committed to providing our business clients with unsurpassed offsite and onsite packaging and crating products and services. The customer is king, and through our state of the art full service custom crating solutions, we exceed customer expectations by delivering expertise, quality, speed, and service for unique crating and packaging needs.

Providing only the highest quality service and products for our clients, we’re among the ranks of the nation’s leading service providers of choice for packing and crating, container loading and rail car securement services.

Top-Quality Custom Crates

Using the latest technologies and processes in designing and manufacturing crates, Industrial Craters & Packers produce the finest, most durable, and highest quality crating products to meet your unique packaging and crating needs. We are unique in the crating and packaging service industry for the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can work with you to produce CAD engineered designs for your custom crates, in an effort to provide the crating system that is best suited to your needs.

Full-Service, Onsite Packing and Crating Services

We design. Our design technicians can design crates to meet the specific needs of each individual customer and unique piece of equipment. Our crate designers will design CAD engineered blueprints around your equipment to ensure a custom fit.

We build. Our professional crews design and build quality custom crates to meet your timeframe. Utilizing a lean manufacturing production format, we are able to produce crates quickly, efficiently, and accurately to meet any customer requirement.

We pack. Industrial Craters & Packers’ professional packing and crating staff will assure that your valuable products reach their destination intact. We can assemble crates and pack your products at your facility or from our expansive 45,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Portland's Northwest Industrial area.

We Ship. Rely on our experienced staff to provide advice on transporting your products. We’re located near port facilities, rail head and major truck line terminals, making our location a value added advantage for providing full service crating and packaging services. We provide you the confidence of knowing that your product will reach its destination, ready to perform.

Fast Turnaround for Your Crating and Packing Needs

We have the capabilities to respond rapidly to your crating and packaging needs. We’re equipped with the state of the art tools and systems needed to provide fast and reliable onsite packaging and crating services and solutions. We can be your onsite packing department, or take your equipment to our own facility for packing and crating, letting you utilize your floor space for what you do best.

Strong Management, Expert Staff

We’ve been in business for more than 38 years; key to our success is our team of professional and knowledgeable men and women who work hard and diligently to ensure that we deliver only the highest quality products and service for our clients. Our growth in the last 10 years of our company’s history is testament to our commitment to delivering highly reliable and top quality products and services to meet the custom crating and packaging services of our clients.

Our custom crating and packaging specialists are on hand to provide fast and reliable solutions:

  • Senior management is dedicated to providing absolute best in customer service
  • Sales staff expertise - in depth knowledge of all aspects of packaging
  • Design staff has many years auto-CAD experience
  • Manufacturing utilizes a lean manufacturing production system to provide the finest quality products built to meet your schedule.
  • Field service crews are trained to professionally package your products and address any/all unexpected on-site job conditions.